Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jaden's baptism

we thank god for the baptism of our son on the 27th january 2013. he turned 7 months old on that day. he was baptized together with my niece & nephew; ai ai (jaezielle) & jd (jedediah). and of course with the rest of the babies :)

here are the pictures that my personal photographer (wink wink) took for us. thank you jie :)

papa. jaden. mummy

during baptism ~ jaden was a bit shocked when the holy water poured on his head

i'm cute even though my eyes are closed :) ~ jaden

jaden ~ after baptized

we are family! 

my dear cousin ~ mr. cyril
jaden & jedediah godfather

ms diana ~ jaezielle godmother

 a picture with jaden's godfather is a must ;)

 baby talks!

ai ai ~ my little adorable niece! 

my lovely photog for the day. thanks so much jie! ~ ms brenda

that's all for now. times flies so fast. in 7 more days we will be entering the last month of the first quarter of year 2013. and it's been one week since ash wednesday. happy lent season to all my catholic friends!


Friday, February 08, 2013

happy birthday!

Happy birthday darling!
Thanks for all the things you’ve give to – love, care, time and attentions.
I hope that our relationship will last forever.
Enjoy you special day!

darling, thank you for always being there and for all the things that you've done for me. you're my best friend, my love and most important my dear hubby ^__^. i want to spent my lifetime loving you. sorry cause i couldn't give a big and expensive gift for you tapi ok juga ba kan i spent you at open-air steamboat at kg. nelayan yesterday..hehe..

darling, i love you so much!!

his expensive hobby :) tapi bekalan bule sampai 1/2 bulan juga oh...lumayan!
he will be going to deep sea fishing next week..huhu... makanya gambar with ikan la yang kana kasi tayang..hihi