Saturday, March 22, 2014

my little model

si jantung hatiku!

he's not in very good health lately. early this month, he had mild fever + vomiting.
and last week he's been coughing - batuk yang berkahak. kesian dia malam2 tidur nda selesa. 
but, thank God he's been better this week.
my friend said, budak memang selalu sakit ataupun 'cengeng' time dia mau ada adik suda ^___^ is it? hehehe....

ba, let's enjoy his awesome pictures taken at kinabalu pine resort. we stopped by this resort just to take pictures during our short vacay at kundasang last month. but sadly, no gorgeous mount kinabalu to be seen on that day. sigh! 

selfie ~ jaden's version ;)

i just love this place. so serene and beautiful view. 
kalau ada gunung kinabalu lagi la marvelous! 

love those pine tree and the coolness of this place. 

next week, he'll turn 1year 9 months old. aiyooo, baby u grew so fast oh! but, nevermind, you'll always be my baby, dear jaden! mmmuahhh!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dantai Lodge, Kundasang

it's been a week since mh370 went missing. 
we still hoping for a miracle happen to mh370! 
please come back :(

ba, lain those who plan to stay overnight at kundasang you can choose this lodge as your accommodation. it's affordable and the place is safe for children. the place also suitable for a gathering or retreat since the surrounding is very calm & serene. 

i pinjam these pictures from the owner fb page :) the lodge were owned by my friend. it was her parent house that have been renovated & extended to become a lodge. siok kan ada tanah sendiri ;) di kundasang lagi tu.

lokasi dia adalah bersebelahan sk kundasang saja. siapa2 yang pernah pigi zen garden resort kundasang, itu la jalan yang menuju ke dantai lodge ni. but please bare in mind, the road is not very well maintained. you have to endure about 200m of 'off-road' kind of road :) luckily my kelisa is mini 4wd kan, jadi boleh la radu itu jalan. tapi have to be very careful la. you may see the signboard on your left few meter before the zen garden entrance. 

ba, lets see dantai lodge of kundasang. all pictures credit to ms emmie ;)

nah, malu-malu lagi tu gunung kinabalu mo kasi tunjuk kegagahan dia. kalau sa nda silap mcm ada 4 lodge ba ni. jadi boleh ramai2 stay sana ;) can request for extra mattress juga (i think) siok! nyaman ni. the compound is so luas, no problem for parking.

every room has two queen size bed. can tambah one more tilam. hehe. spacious room it is.

there's adjacent room if you have a big family. sharing is caring! ^__^

ada dapur lagi so senang untuk acara masak2.

the toilet is clean and the only basic item they provided is soap. u may bring ur own toiletries. they do provide towel also. as for i always bring my own toiletries whenever i'm travelling ;)

a closer look on their lodge. siok bersantai di luar lodge ni. kalau ramai2 gathering sure heboh ni tempat. tapi since kami2 saja yg ada time kami stay sini, sunyi sepi saja la ni tempat. yang kedengaran hanya suara c jaden menangis :) haha
to those who are interested to stay here, you may contact my friend directly. manatau bule dapat special price :)

Owner : Ms Emmie
Contact No : 016-5836561