Saturday, March 22, 2014

my little model

si jantung hatiku!

he's not in very good health lately. early this month, he had mild fever + vomiting.
and last week he's been coughing - batuk yang berkahak. kesian dia malam2 tidur nda selesa. 
but, thank God he's been better this week.
my friend said, budak memang selalu sakit ataupun 'cengeng' time dia mau ada adik suda ^___^ is it? hehehe....

ba, let's enjoy his awesome pictures taken at kinabalu pine resort. we stopped by this resort just to take pictures during our short vacay at kundasang last month. but sadly, no gorgeous mount kinabalu to be seen on that day. sigh! 

selfie ~ jaden's version ;)

i just love this place. so serene and beautiful view. 
kalau ada gunung kinabalu lagi la marvelous! 

love those pine tree and the coolness of this place. 

next week, he'll turn 1year 9 months old. aiyooo, baby u grew so fast oh! but, nevermind, you'll always be my baby, dear jaden! mmmuahhh!!

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  1. awwww.. sangat kiutt starring ko! pandai pakai spek suda..nda lama buli suda mengurat sumandak. haha