Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 6 ~ Your Celebrity Crush

ba, sa continue dulu the blog challenges..25 blogs to go ^_^

for the celebrity crush, i think i had a crush on Johnny Deep ^_^ simply love his movie character as well as his personality. somemore he is loyal to his wife (i think so)...from my pandangan sisi, he has a handsome face + charming. he is also good in style (mangkali la). what else the things about him that bikin saya betul2 minat sama di aahh....hmm....oh yeah, he's HOT!!!  

the source

*_* a lil bit about Mr Johnny Depp *_*
** Full Name :  John Christopher Depp II
** Date of Birth : 09 June 1963
** Birthplace : Owensboro, Kentucky
** Height : 5' 9" (175 cm)
** Ethnicity : Multiracial
** Nationality : American
** High School : Miramar High School, FL

it's just a little crush! lalalalalala...

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