Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog 2 ~ A Photo of You & Your Family

err...i have to dig thru the tons of pictures in my hd for a photograph of my family & i..mungkin ada mungkin teda  =.= hmm, macam i don't have recent pic of my family & i. but i found one which i have scanned long time ago. an antique picture of us :) bring back the good ol' days..i like!

i heart so much this pic of us ~ taken by dad in 1985 :)

below is my precious pic that were taken back in 2008 (by my dad also). introducing my lovable nina * i miss her! *

my mom, my nina & yours truly

& last but not least the nephew!
adorable kid ~ feb'08

ba, that's all for now. kalau bule mau ja sa kasi masuk byk2 gmbr...nanti ja la me update ya :) stay tune for my next blog ya (mcm siok pula mo buat entry ni..hehehe)

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