Wednesday, June 01, 2011

moments in my life!

hello june!!

ba, enjoy all the pictures taken during my wedding day..will surely remember the moments for the rest of my life!

my familia

my hubby's siblings

ms myra - mingkikiut & ms febby - smiling sweetly :)

just arrived from the church
my ex-colleagues! thanx for coming dear..
edek dengan selambanya pakai 'susuga'
i will always love u darling!
cute la konon kamurang tu?? hehe
my wedding cake sponsored by my 2 best friend; Koyo & Julia
poco-poco time!
mari kita yamsenggggg dulu!
ok la..that's all for now. next up is the 2nd reception at my hubby's house. i want to post it up eventho suda bangas ni cerita. hehe.. lgpun it's my blog kan & it's good for rememberance...hehe...


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