Wednesday, June 08, 2011

survivor island

yeah..our honeymoon time! it was such a fine day when we arrived at kuala penyu. i've been told by my friend; liza that the boat will departure from the jetty at 10am. so we had arranged our time earlier to depart from home at 6.30am to make sure we arrived early (takut kana tinggal bot ^_^). yang penting we're not rushing to get there on time. so off we go to kuala penyu. i kissed my nephew before we depart (sempat lagi coz he lepak2 at my room kan. awal ba dia bangun). we singgah kedai kolombong to beli newspaper & momom for our small breakfast. so we're off to kuala penyu. on the way to kuala penyu, we saw  accidents along the way. eeeee..need to drive carefully oo....

pengacau di awal pagi :)

my darling serius bawa kereta. me with my 'peace no war' sign :)
thank god for the smooth journey we had all the way to kuala penyu. we arrived there at  about 9am. we had ample of time to rest & had breakfast before going to the island. it was a hot sunny day that day. we had  kon lo mee isi ikan as our breakfast.sangat sedap & recommended to anyone who come visit little town of kuala penyu :-) the thing is, i forgot the shop's name..hehe..

breakfast @ ??
after that we went to the jetty to catch the first boat to the island. but too bad we need to wait for the 2nd trip since a bunch of visitors had filled up the 2 boat on the 1st trip.huh! but, hey we can do cam-whoring while waiting for the 2nd trip boat ^_^ 

errr...what's with big bag people?

cam-whoring time!

the jetty to pulau tiga

off we go to survivor island!!
mood: excited + happy
we departed from the jetty at 11am & the boat ride took about 25 minutes to arrive at the island. nasib laut tenang masa tu (teringat kembali pengalaman waktu balik dari pulau mantanani ke kota belud..sungguh mengerikan..hehe)..

ok, i will continue the survivors story in my next post! need to have my beauty sleep now (doi dogo, beauty tanga malam suda pun), gud nite peeps!

welcome to survivor island!


  1. Itu hari my friend asked me 'ko mau pigi pulau 3 ka' then i said 'ah mana tu pulau 3'..rupanya itu survivor punya island pula. betul2 mau guna itu pkataan survivor jg baru kenal hihi.

  2. ya ba nda brapa tau klu pulau 3. klu ckp survivor island otomatik tau trus kan..hehe