Friday, June 03, 2011

the 2nd reception

this is the continuation of my wedding stories......u can read 'bout my BiG DaY here and here. i am really blessed to have such support from my hubby's families during the reception..let go to story & pics now.

a week after the reception at my house, the 2nd reception followed at my hubby's house which located not far away from my house..hehe....

the reception is mainly for family & friends that cannot come during our wedding reception on the 30th. but all were invited is the story.. my make up artist is my best friend, ms julia. i am really satisfied with her work..buli la kampung2..haha..ok bah, nice!!! ramai jg org puji :) i'm wearing the traditional costume..oh my, i it was so hot! macam unduk ngadau pula sa rasa..haha...she finished make over me at about 1pm. she need to leave early juga coz she need to attend another wedding reception with her mum-in-law at penampang. she will come to my reception later in the afternoon with my other best friend, koyo ^_^

make up & hair do by ms julia ~ thumbs up!
so, i'm off to my hubby's house. we have to wait for the rombongan to take us to hubby's house. the hubby's family rombongan cik kiah..hahaha! best juga la...let's the pictures do the story telling la k....enjoy! we had fun for the rest of the day....

some of the 'rombongan'
 in traditional  costume

yeah! rombongan kehormat ^_^

misti ada peace sign mah!
with our bodyguard  ^_^

sakit suda kaki sa time ni
nasib baik balancing sa ok
wah! sa jadi leader pulak tu ari :)
blessing before makan2
the wedding cake
happy! happy! happy!
nountun gunners?
tu budak2 yg excited (^_^)
yours forever!
sumayau kita!!! keehooiii!
 ok, this will be my last post for my wedding story :) i need to continue my 30DBG.

~ldyann say All's Well End's Well~

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