Thursday, June 30, 2011

bundle of joy

it's the last day of the first half of the year 2011.
today, my bestie, Ellie Koyo gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.
normal delivery at 7.43am & weighing at 3.95kg.
big baby huh! 
it's her second baby & that complete their family. a girl & a boy to take care of ^_^
(mungkin dia mo tambah lagi tu...hehehehe)

me & my darling visited her after work at kk specialist centre.
we dropped by to see her baby at the baby room before going to her room.
didn't get the chance to take baby pic since i didn't bring my camera & my hp abis bateri :(
the baby was so chubby & hairy (i mean byk rambut dia..cute ni!)
my bestie was in good condition but kena tambah darah & pretty tired la.
we chit chat about her detik-detik melahirkan anak...hehe..
thank god she had a smooth delivery this morning. 
she just in time to deliver when she reached the clinic at about 7.3oam. 
when the doc checked on her the 'bukaan' already 8cm.
she only had to pushed about 5 to 6 times only.
& the baby meet the world on 30th june 2011 ^_^
he's so adorable!
i am so happy for her & me can't wait to get the experience...hihihi! 

enjoy the pics below. it was taken 5 days before she beranak :)
the bestie: ann & koyo @ gaya kolombong
the other bestie : julia
mantang2 best friend, F&B pun sama juga kunu :) *ignore the hungry lady*
fav minuman : teh c spesel ^_^
will be visiting her again tomorrow if time permit.
i want to take pic of  her cute ni!

good nite dulu la..ngantuk suda sa! 



  1. Thanks for the notes...emmm...i think two is enough:-) (Tapi kalau ada rejiki lagi, orait nopo la...hahaha..!) They have completed our life. Barang2 nowadays mahal...nanti susah mo kasi makan..hahaha!

    I hope you'll get the experience, don't stop trying...honeymoon banyak kali pun okay! Muahahaha!

  2. Bila lagi we serang Teh C Special? I think 1 glass enough la bkn mcm tuari..hehehe...c la baby Ethan jadi 3.95 kg!

  3. koyo :, bila2 masa bule serang ba tu teh c spesel. provided that ko sinang di hujung minggu :)