Thursday, April 21, 2011

9 days to go! everything's Ok?

can't hardly wait for my BIG day!

so, the question is ~ is everything ok?

lemme check it out!

wedding ceremony checklist
  • all the witnesses, reader, ring bearer, flower girls & boys, pembawa persembahan has been confirmed
  • the church deco already been bought. just a simple ribbon to tie at the bench
  • flowers at the altar (will order this weekend)
  • offertory items (will buy next week)
  • wedding book ~ done by my bff : ms corina (thank you so much!)
lunch reception checklist
  • both halal & non-halal caterer has been confirmed (paid 50% deposit) 
  • decoration services provided by halal caterer (FOC) ~ we only need to buy the items for deco
  • beer, tapai, montuku, liquor ~ macam cukup suda ^_^
  • camp (beres suda ani), but need one more camp to shade the area belakang rumah dekat bar tender. and yes we will have two bar tender.. one for liquor one for beer, tapai etc =.=
  • this weekend will be hari pembersihan kawasan rumah & get ready for the placement of the food, the stage, the liquor place..hmm...a lot of things to do ooOOO....
  • wedding favor will be done by my bff : ms ellie. will go to her house this saturday to do the we favor deco... **like like**
bilik pengantin :) mau jg ka decorate bilik pengantin?? hehe..misti mah kan....
  • change the damage walls (angkara si anai-anai). done & already been painted with undercoat paint. tomorrow we will paint it with new & fresh colour! yippee! can't wait!!
  • need to re-arrange the room again! oh my!
  • bed sheet ~ bought!
  • i need new set of curtain's been ages the curtain not changed. it's time!
  • am thinking of changing my lapik lantai coz so bida ada kuyak sana dan sini..huhu....
the pengantin checklist
  • haircut ; my darling had his haircut. me, no need haircut ^_^
  • facial; my appointment tis saturday (one week before...)
  • visit to spa / massage :- tengo dulu klu senang..hehe
  • i really2 need enough sleep always lambat tido oo....panda eyes suda ni!
  • lose weight?, i don't think so....hahahaha....

& that's all about my wedding prep so far...macam semua suda ok ni tp nda tau la nanti... HOPE everything's gonna be alright!!


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  1. wahhh 9 hari lagi!!!

    ko ckp pasal bedroom, now that reminds me that i have to help my kid bro to decor up his bedroom. kesian bah dia, 5 days before the wdg baru dpt balik.