Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post No 13 & 14

i guess i have to combine this blog challenge. 2 in 1 :) i barely have time to blog nowadays *too occupied with wedding preparation*

here we go!

Post No 13 ~ Your Footwear Collection ~
to be honest, i do not have so much footwear collection like others :) i seldom shop for shoes. if i am comfortable with one shoe, i will wear it until it tear. and i don't have more than two heels. the reason, i am not a fan of heels. i just wear it if there's a occassion to attend such as wedding reception at the hotel. misti mah mo cantik2 pg hotel :D  currently, i have two sandals, one sport shoes, one heels + wedding shoe, and one selipar diadora. ini saja yang saya ada sekarang. yg lain suda torn apart! hehe..mo kasi tengo gmbr tp sa malu la pula..hehe...next time la k...

Post No 14 ~ What u Have Been Doing for the Past 1 Week ~
nah, ini la ni mo cerita..satu minggu suda sa menghilang kan..hehe..as i said, i'm too occupied with wed prep (padahal malas mo update, nda juga sa bz sgt with my wed prep ba..hehehe). tp maybe too much thinking on the details ba kan..ba, here is my story :)

last week, for three days a row (mon-wed) i reached home about 9pm. 
i was on MC on monday. in the evening, we went to giant kolombong to send pre-wed pictures to do a photobook ^_^. 100pcs of them. we had our dinner at the food court there. after dinner, baru we go to the shop. after discussion with the girl, ms rita (who handle the photobook making) we went home. we will come again to see the layout for our approval before printing it out :) can't wait!!  
on tuesday, we went to sacred heart for confession *it's been a while* :p so, many people, end up late turn to see the priest. and i'm glad i did it before the holy week. sampai rumah mo dekat jam 9pm suda..
on wednesday, went to giant kolombong again to see the final layout for the wedding photobook. satisfied with the layout, paid the deposit & then went back home. this time a lil bit earlier, before 8pm we reached home already since my darling have to go futsal at 8 o'clock :~)
what i did on thursday? teda pi mana2. feeling tired. after work straightaway pulang rumah. just lepak at home lor..layan dulu fb *no mood to blog but i did blog-hopping bah* o ya, i did went to cousin house to give his wife (helen) the 50% deposit for the halal catering. thank god that their company do provide decoration services & it's FOC.. **kalau di fb, mo takan tu  like banyak kali ooo..hehehe**
come friday, ms rita called me to inform that the photobook was ready to be collected. punya la main sa gumbira ^_^. collect the photobook & i'm satisfied with work. heart it very much! later on, i go to citymall to buy the cover for my wedding book. but before that, i stopped by my cousin house to hand the signed bill to helen (last nite forgot to bring!). i tagged along ms brenda to accompany me to go citymall go jalan2. what did i bought? books again * yang lama pun bulum sentuh lg..doi, beli lagi yg baru* and of course the main thing to buy is the cover for the wedding book. mission accomplished! & don't forget about big apple doughnut! 2 piece for each of us. tapau!

weekend stories!

since the finance dept on duty falls on my wedding day, i have requested my boss to switch the work day on saturday, 16th april. so, i no need to apply for annual leave. yippee! leave home at about 8 something! sampai opis mo dekat jam 9.15am..hehe...leave the office at 1.20pm. this time, we do balloon hunting! yes, it will be balloon entrance during my reception! we begin the pencarian at asia city. nothing there, we moved on to starcity complex. eat our lunch at fook yuen. after that walk in to a florist shop. at the beginning, just to hunt for the balloon. but i did saw a sample of decoration that ngam with my taste for the church deco. so, to cut a long story short, i agree to let them do the ribbon with a charge of rm5/piece. the workers at the florist was also so peramah & i like that. they are so patient to handle a customer like me *banyak tanya kan..* hehe.. due to no balloon hunted, we jalan to segama with the hope to find balloon there. one thing i hate about segama : hard to find a parking! but guess what, i did find ithe balloon at jelip segama & the colour that i need also got! i like it!! i also bought few ribbons for my wedding guest book projects. hope i can make it! *finger cross

saturday nite ~ will be in another post! i've attended my best friend reunion to capture their 1st reunion since uni days...

palm sunday ~ did not go to church since my darling went to talungan to search for the wogok for sogit. the pig will be slaughtered the night before my wedding day. here, we called it 'sumumpak'.. hehe...for a better meaning & reason, try google it..i dunno the explanation for sumumpak. but i do know what is it for la...errr..mangkali la tu....hehe....
i woke up late. sms my good friend rose to go brunch. i am so hungry. we met at tuaran mee terminal at about 1pm. cerita2 sampai jam 2pm. have to back home since i have another trial make up at about 2pm. i have received sms from claire, the mekap artist that to meet at 4pm since she got matter to settle first. so i went to my best friend; koyo's house to discuss about the placing of things (cake table, caterer, band, gongs..etc) during my big day! love the ideas ^_^. so, about 5pm like that i went to claire house for the mekap trial. we begin the trial at about 6pm & finish at 9pm...so damned tired oo........

new week! 

monday...food test for non-halal food at kedai makan kapin. only 5 of us going for the food test. me, my darling, my mum, my sista, brenda & edek. it's the same with my other sister's menu during her lunch wedding reception last december & now the price has  been marked up..huhu....what to do  lor....sepa suruh kawin lambat kan. barang2, makin lama, makin mahal bah...!

ok la, that's it! that's why i haven't blogged for almost one week...dush!! sorry no pic taken. no time to take picture bah..o ya later i will show the photobook picture..stay tune for that :)



  1. When is your wedding already, moi?

  2. same with sheila ^_^. end of april...hehe

  3. eh astaga! limpas sudah pula tu yg 9 more days on your earlier post...hahaha tida pun sa tingu tu date.

    anyways, congrats again on your wedding day!

  4. chegu: hahaha...it's ok ba..tengkiu kio...bulum ada mood lg mo post pasal wedding sa..hehe..masi terasa itu kepenatan ba...huhu...