Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wed & Thursday yang Busy

huh....these 2 days had been a busy day for me. coming end of the weekday pun rasanya akan busy juga. i'm so penat duduk buat keja oo. face to face with the computer screen for about 8 hours (+ 2 hours at home..hehehe) makes my mind so damn tired :( mana lagi mo pikir pasal hal kahwin..hmm..bingung pula sa sekejap.....

tinggal lebih kurang 3 more weeks before my wedding day. so far the progress i think only 60%. my caterer still not yet confirm (big problem)! dunno which one to choose ***sigh**

things to check on this weekend:-
# to confirm caterer
# to send out the invitation card
# to discuss with the cousins regarding wedding deco
# to finish printing the wedding book
# to complete the most demanded in keramaian ~ alcohol beverages 

the house needs to be renovated. not big renovation la, just to add the roof to cover the stairs (& also our room ^_^) kalau pagi yang cerah memang bilik sa menjadi sasaran :( panas bah!

what else..hmm..oh ya, i've taken our wedding photo last weekend (02.04.11)! & i'm loving it very much. just a few things yg nda memuaskan hati dimple had been vanished...biasa la ba tu kan if the photo been touched up...hehehe...sungguh halus muka ku..moreover, i have chosen my wedding gown + the evening gowns with the help from my best friend. sorry no picture taken during the try out gowns....

ok lah that's about. i'm so sleepy now. gud nite! will continue my blog man loi....sweet dreams ya' all!


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