Monday, April 11, 2011

Post No 12 ~ Photo of The Last Item you Purchased

** delayed stories**

yoyo drinks kira item ka tu? hmm....since no photo taken, i just show something that i have purchased on friday la...

for upcoming event =.=

the green item ~ i'm thinking to do my own wedding guest book rather than buying the ready made guestbook. but if not jadi according to my plan, i have to do something else ..or just buy la..

Leisure Travel ~ i just love to buy magazine. i bought magazine when the cover story have something to do with my kadang2 ada juga sa beli yg teda kaitan sama dreams sa..saja mo tambah koleksi magazine ba...

sunday story 
sa malas mo take picture of the latest item i bought which is today at the citymall..hehehe..i bought nail colour :)

so, this evening we (my mum, sista tata, brenda & myra) went to citymall to do some shopping. before that we went to Cherry to discuss about the food. i already gave the manager my budget amount & chose the menu. she will confirmed the pricing & any adjustment on the menu or what i required that suit with my budgeted amount. hope everything will be fine & can be confirmed  by tomorrow. for the non-halal caterer, i leave it to my dad to discuss with the taukeh stop, citymall! macam biasa, the junction to enter that place were so packed! macam ada konsert dlm shopping mall tu..bulum lg kaamatan bah..hehe :) jalan2 sampai nda teringat mau pulang..some more, one of the last person to go out from ct dept. haha! 

lepas penat shopping, we stay milo2 kaw d food city! yeah, makan time lagi (deiii, bila la sa mo diet ni??? tulung la....) story-mori about the latest gossip (yeah, we gossip in front of my mum) & at about 10.40pm we head home coz there is 2 under-age girls who needs to go to school tomorrow..hehehe...mcm la yg bekerja ni nda perlu bangun awal kan ^_^

that's that! stay tune for the next blog challenges...


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