Thursday, November 08, 2012

cerita makanan lagi

ini kali kita pigi korea korean restaurant. to be exact, korean bbq which is located at kompleks sukan likas golf range. last friday, i had my japanese lunch with my colleagues. this time around i bring my hubby to try the korean food.. on saturday nite we went to the korean bbq restaurant to have 'korean style' dinner. i think it was his first time eating korean food. kan darling? hehe

ba enjoy the pictures that i've snapped with my handphone (yeah, c sony lagi jadi my camera of the day ^___^)

all the side dishes above are refillable. i didn't read properly the groupon voucher so we don't refill our side dishes. patut pun sa nampak orang balik-balik pigi kaunter macam minta refill ^___^. nevermind, kenyang juga with other dish bah. i don't know what is the exact name for this side dishes, but from the taste and look of it i can name it. hehe. it's sayur bawang mix with egg (maybe), taugeh yang sangat besar, jeruk timun, kimchi & ikan bilis :)) i only like the ikan bilis coz it tasted sweet. ya, i like sweet foods. yang lain macam sangat masin ni..hmm..

there is also salad with sambal and raw garlic. the sambal was too salty (i think). don't really like it. looks yummy the close up pics of the ikan bilis and kimchi (but i'm not a fan of kimchi).

we choose to have marinated pork ribs (yangnyum galbi) for the bbq. this is the second time i'm trying bbq pork and i prefer the one in warisan square. anybody want to bring me there?? hihi.. you see, the barbeque set were attached to the table :) kira special sikit tempat bbq dia ni. we have to cut the meat into smaller portion using scissors in order to eat it :)) 

the soybean paste stew (deonjang jigae) was also one of the dishes served. they also provide rice with taugeh and telur mata kerbau. actually the rice was not included in the deal but i think it was a complimentary for us, groupon customer kan..hihi. nda sempat gambar yg original coz telampau lapar. only manage to take the one that been taken from its bowl.

even though the dishes look like in small portion but actually it was mengenyangkan. actually, i have ordered bibimbap (mixed rice) and sangchu (as per menu pic - vegies) but nda sampai to our table. i guess there's so many customer order that nite til our order were not done...nasib baik la belum kana prepare apa-apa coz we are too full already. so we cancelled the order. 

through groupon deal, we only paid rm28 for 2 people instead rm56 for this korean bbq set. lumayan juga kan mo try korean food. hehe. however, i'm not really into korean food. but i will surely try another korean food outlet around kk. and i have spotted one in city mall. hehe. i'm a food lover bah....

~ldyann~ must order bibimbap next time!

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