Wednesday, February 25, 2015

wordless wednesday #7 2015

No WW entry for today. Saya rasa mau bercerita pula :) Jom layan cerita cuti-cuti CNY!
Last week, we had a long holidays break. But I have to work on Saturday tho. It was a tiring holidays for me. Lemme jot down my CNY holidays activities for future reading #forjadenandthia ^_^ At least, can senyum-senyum and enjoying all the pics taken during the CNY holidays...

1st day of CNY
Yeah! Today is the day to pungut 'angpows' at the Akiu's big family CNY gathering (every year they do have open house with different host). First angpows for Thia & it was Jaden's 3rd time receiving angpows during CNY celebration. Love the makan-makan session (potluck style) & bonding time with their families. My BFFs are also part of the family members :)
2nd day of CNY
The Ash Wednesday mass and giving of ashes has been moved to 20th feb (2nd day of CNY) due to clash with Chinese New Year. So we just lepaking at home with the kids. The hubby felt bored stuck at the house but me.....I'm loving it! Hehe. I really love spending time with the kids. Bukan selalu dapat 24hours with the kids, hanya hujung minggu saja...(aiii sedih pula saya rasa..hehe). We went to St. Simon Church, Likas for the Ash Wednesday mass at 730pm. 

3rd day of CNY
Today I still have to go to works. Jaden was with his dad & Thia at her nanny house. But I was excited since we will be going to Kuala Penyu later after I finished work with the whole family + my mum. The purpose was to visit my BFF Kuan's CNY open house. I left work early (with the boss permission) and off we go to KP. We reached KP almost 3pm and cari punya cari rumah si Kuan, nda jumpa-jumpa. Lucky my hubby did not 'meletup' but we're all feels hungry escpecially my Jaden, so we went to pekan Kuala Penyu to had our late lunch. After all were filled up we went searching for Kuan's house one last time. Luckily, my instinct said we will find her house and yes! at last we found the house.. adoi.. It's 4pm when we reached there. Makan-makan, chit-chat and we say goodbye at 620pm in the evening. We reached home at about 10pm ^__^. Lambat kan..hehe.. Actually we reached our place at 830pm tapi menyinggah lagi pigi open house. Sempat lagi kan...It was a tiring day for all of us. 
4th day of CNY
Jaden saw the sea along the way to KP yesterday. Balik-balik cakap 'mo mandi sungai'. So today we bring him to Kg. Notorus at my aunt's house to fill his wish :) Punya kesiokan si Jaden mandi manda sampai nda mau balik. First, we went to Fish Spa (yang mcm di Kg.Luanti, Ranau tu). Feed the fish so that they come close to you. But if not feeded pun macam the fish mau saja pigi dekat-dekat orang. Suda biasa mangkali. The place was run by the local with the help of Tourism dept. There was also a waterfall but we didn't went there. Since there were tourist arrived we moved further up the river to had our mandi sungai. Eh, I didn't get the chance to mandi since my Thia super duper manja with me. She don't want my aunt to hold her. Menyesal nda bawa my mum. Takpa next time la. So only my boys saja yang mandi manda..


  1. Sy blik kg mamy sy d KP CNY every yr. Dr CNY eve smpai day 3 baru balik KK. Siok betul berkumpul2..

    1. kan ramai2 kumpul d kg. Klu ngam2 lg yg memang cuti panjang..siokk..