Thursday, July 14, 2011

sunset at pulau tiga

thinking back about the experiences i had at pulau tiga, giving me such a proud feeling to be a sabahan. here in our own country we do have 'five star' island (yeah, support local tourism!). what i meant of 'five star' island is the beauty of mother nature. you have to experience it yourself!

after having the mud bath & get enough rest,  we're getting ready to watch the sunset. first, we need to apply the insect repellent cream since we're in pulau di mana menjelang senja sure banyak nyamuk or agas. only after applying the cream we made our way to the jetty to take as much as possible the sunset pictures. we don't want to miss a thing..kunun...miahahaha....!

ba, let's me feast your eyes with the pics of me as the model of the day ^_____^

ada ayunan di tepi pantai ^_^
going to the other side jetty
spotted a lovebirds & a jealous-er :)

and the sunset dramas begin...........

waiting for the sunset
sunset @ 6.07pm
sunset @ 6.09pm
sunset @ 6.12pm
sunset @ 6.15pm
sunset @ 6.20pm
sunset @ 6.24pm
us enjoying the moments
hope you enjoy the pictures & feeling proud to be a sabahan ^_^

sekian dan terima kasih.



  1. beautiful sunset, you were lucky. Our group was not as lucky.

  2. hi floyd. ya, very beautiful sunset. nasib kami lucky hari tu. the next day, we stay another day at k. penyu, hujan kuat la pula. lucky us :) btw, thanks for visiting my blog ya ^__^