Saturday, July 23, 2011

Combine Day 22 and Day 23

Day 22 ~ Your Dream House

no, i don't dream about my dream house last nite. 
i think of country house and google it ^__^
i don't want a big house (susah mo kasi bersih),
i am already satisfied with small house that rich in style. 
i really like to watch the astro lifestyle channel 706 - small space, big style show.
it give me some ideas of how to design or decorate for my future house.

ok, after i googled my dream house, i came across this photo.
photo source

i hope my future house can be like this, a little bit pun ok ba..
yang penting ada ciri-ciri rumah kampung

what's your dream house?

Day 23 ~ How was Your Day today

today i feel better than yesterday! 
i almost get sick last nite but when i woke this morning,
i am feeling ok. cukup tidur ^___^
i have breakfast with my darling. he prepared the breakfast for us.
[maggi asam laksa + telur mata karabau + sayur kobis]
me, helping my mom continue washing dishes.
after having our breakfast, i continue doing chores ~ cuci kain
while my darling went out to see his sister.
next, jemur kain, mandi-manda and baru la sia online.
 me, stucked in front of the computer from noon until darling sia balik evening.
later tonite, my jiejie bawa sia pi main futsal d bsa kolombong.
hmm...masa untuk exercise! 

i am enjoying my weekend here in my home with my darling!
super best! 

~ldyann longing to have road trip with darling hubby~

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