Monday, July 11, 2011

pulau tiga ~ mud volcano

pulau tiga? where is that? for those who didn't know, here in sabah, pulau tiga is well known as the survivor island. remember the famous reality tv show 'the survivor'? it was there in pulau tiga they were filming the reality tv show. cool huh!? i am dying to go there for ages. it is one of my travel wish list beside fews interesting places here in sabah :)

we booked the package thru my friend who worked at the travel agent. thanks to ms liza tati coz giving us the special rate for our honeymoon trip (in may 2011) **like**. the trip is include the visit to snake island & also the sandspit, the guide told us it was known as 'pulau pasir'.

upon arriving at the pulau tiga resort, we were briefed by the staff on the activities that can be done at the island. after that, we went to our chalet to put our stuff there before going back to the meeting place & had our lunch. kenyang! we got changed & headed to the mud volcano place all by ourself. dalam hati takut juga ada apa2 *____* 30 minutes later, we arrived at the mud volcano area. kinda spooky at first coz no people there + gelap2 sikit :) if come with a large group, surely will rock the mud volcano ba! make sure to wear a simple/old shirt. but better wear bikinis :) senang mau cuci ba...two piece ja kan..hahaha...! to best describe all about the place, i leave u all with the pics ya ^_^. enjoy!

our lunch!
the beach
scary welcoming!! ^_^
the front view of our chalet
in case u lost in the island ^_____^
the hog point
spotted something different eh?
this way to the mud volcano
the trail. ada berani masuk?
at last sampai jua!
at your own risk!
the mud volcano
ada shelter juga bah..
enjoying our moment with the mud ^_^
we're glad the dutch people came.. ada kawan ;)
mud people ;-)
at about 3.30pm, we made a move to go back to the beach & mandi laut to get rid of the mud....this time we have to walk with barefoot. need to be extra careful, takut terpijak duri ka apa ka..nasib baik selamat jg kami sampai to the beach. unhurt :) before mandi laut have to take picture at the entrance of the survivor island for kenang-kenangan. nasib baik ada white lady helping us to take our picture *mo minta dia gmbr kami byk2 tp malu la pulak* after taking pictures we berendam terus di laut..wahh....feeling fresh! after that, we went back to our chalet to take fullest bath (ada ka ni words?? antam saja la)..haha..*di laut mandi kerabau saja ba* punya susah mo kasi ilang tu lumpur dari time, better bawa two-piece ja!

stay tune for my next post! all about sunset at pulau tiga. glad the weather is on our side that day. beautiful sunset! nah, gambar sneak peek kunun....hehe!




  1. I always dreamed of having a mud bath. Nanti ada masa, mau pigi Pulau 3 la. Hehe! Itu mud bath tu sejuk2 ka, atau suam2 tu aa? Since it's a volcano mud, sa pikir mesti macam suam2 tu kan :D Betul ka? Btw, what a beautiful scenery there! Gotta go there and experience it myself..

  2. hi annie, itu mud volcano sejuk2 tu. klu pigi berendam nda pandai tenggelam tu. no worry to those yg nda pandai berenang :) a place worth visiting!

  3. A very nice place indeed, except that the challet (some of them) need a bit of maintenance works. Some of the wooden catwalk mau reput-reput sdh.

    By the way me and a group of friend & family visited the island during the weekend.

    Great pictures!