Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 19- What's in your Make Up Bag

hmm...can i skipped this post? i don't have make up bag oo..apa lagi barang-barang mekap.  ^_______^ ba, i just list down the basic make up things that i have la kan...

1. avon glimmerstick eye liner 
2. maybelline the hyper curl volum' express mascara
3. maybelline eyebrow pencil, still new-not yet use :)
4. lancome colour fever gloss ~ wedding gift &
5. silky girl oil-control 2-way foundation.

see, i'm not that into make-up thingy. if i want to wear make up for any occasion, i will use my sister's make up. that's what sister is for ba kan kan kan!

next challenge gonna be a random photo & it's description. how am i gonna choose from thousand of pics in my hd?? huhu...ba, kita lihat la nanti k..



  1. hehe ko teda make up bag dlm handbag ko ka? mine usually ada compact powder, at least two shades of lipstick, lip balm, eye liner and nail clipper.

  2. chegu, di handbag kan ada compartment. jd, sa main taruh ja dalam bag tu (1 lipgloss + small mirror) ^_^. oh ya, lip balm (vaseline) pun mesti ada, selalu kering ni mulut sa..hehehe..