Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 17- Your Favourite Photo of your Friends

yeah, i do have few fav pics of my friends to be shared here in my blog. 

they're my 'geng karas' since high school sampai sekarang. this picture were taken during our road trip to miri in feb 2010. i have fun with them the whole journey! i heart them.

pic #2
a memorable trip to jakarta (march 2010) with my best friends & travel buddies :)

pic #3 
she's one of the malaysian women player for the malaysia-usa women soccer exchange (april 2010). she's so lucky to be picked for the exchange programme - sponsored by malaysian govt. she's been travelling to san francisco, portland & seattle, usa and so do my baby canon *wink* haha! jauh suda my camera berjalan...asal po ada, orang bilang..hehehe..

pic #4
these friends were my high school friends (lower form). we still keep in touch until now. last year, we celebrated mother's day at kg. nelayan, bukit padang with the special cake - our ex-school badge :) yummy! that's why this pic is one of my fav ^__^

ruzi & anie
ruzi & anie are my uni friends. as now, ruzi is my colleague & anie is working in a bank at k.b. this picture were taken near anie's house in k.b. we were on our way to the nearby river & i managed to snap the gorgeous mt. kinabalu as their background. love this pic!

actually, there's more pics but cukup la buat masa ini ^___^
yes!! another 13 days to complete the blog challenge! 



  1. Great, great photos of you and your friends! ;-) Your friend in purple jersey bah, what a lucky girl she is. Sudah travel banyak tempat lagi tu..

  2. thanks moi! ya, lucky her & she's only 17yo tis year. siok kan..she got chance to represent msia in future :) skrg pun suda kena panggil jd wakil sabah..