Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 26 ~ your Fave Cartoon character

my all time favourite cartoon character!

i really really love this cartoon character - belle & the beast. i remember during my childhood, i would play again & again the video cassette (those were the days..hehe) to watch the cartoon. i love the all the songs in the movie as well as the moral of the story! don't jugde a book by its cover! ya, lebih kurang laitu pengajaran dia tu....



  1. ohhhhh..i truly love this movie as well. when i was in disneyland hong kong, i was in tears to see the live performance of these characters dancing with their song..wah~!

  2. wow, that's gonna be one of my wish..going to disneyland! yay..mangkali klu sa nmpk, lumpat2 kali mcm budak kici nmpk live performance.. miahahaha!