Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 16 ~ TV show that U are Currently Addicted to

currently, i'm addicted to:-
not that really addicted la. if i had a chance to watch or ngam2 buka tv & the show is on, i will get stuck in front of the tv. 

crazee, fun & lol show
another tv show that get my attention is the winter wipeout show. i had fun watching the 3 j hosts; john, john & jill ^_^ tho jill will be leaving wipeout coz she's focusing on her acting career, the 2 johns' sure gonna rock the wipeout show. wacky hosts!

looks like i'm on track doing the 30dbc. boy, i'm glad to continue the 30dbc! today i will join the 7k sunset charity run at sutera's my first time joining & it's the 11th 7k sunset charity run for 2011. i will join my other colleagues for the run ^___^ jia you jia you!! 


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