Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 21- Your Pets

i don't have a pet. my sister is the one who have a pet. and of course pet yang paling senang (kira senang la...hehe..) mau jaga ialah kucing. 
she named her cat ~ kat von di. glamour eh? 
kat von di ~ tengah bersantai atas meja makan ^___^
actually, i did have a cat as my pet but she's already rest in peace early june this year :( she's still a kitten then...white fur with blue eye kitten....huhu....
on another note, i still have 9 post to go! the next post gonna be 'your dream house'. hopefully i will dream about my dream house tonite! ngeh ngeh ngeh....

~ldyann is missing nokia the kitten :( ~


  1. Found ur blog thru AnnieMing. Nice blog :D
    glamor juga nama tu kucing haha..

  2. i allergic and scared to cat!! haha.. I followed your blog already!! nice to meet u!
    sasa tien , also a sabahan .

  3. hi stella, thanks for visiting my blog. ya, kucing glamer ^_^ tp nama anak2 dia nda glamer..haha.. will link to ur blog juga kio..nice meeting u!

    hai sasa! nice meeting u also. haha! how come u scared to kucing?? nway, ba will visit ur blog later..