Sunday, July 24, 2011

hari minggu yang meriah

today we had picnic at tg. lipat, likas. it was a good day. the sun shines on us. it breezes most afternoon at the shore. the guys 'gasak' the beers and the girls are playing cards. it was a fun + relaxing day for all of us. all my siblings plus my mum had joined this gathering. it's the group 'climb, raft & dive ~ mindakod, mamangkar & mintolop' planning actually. we should do this once in a while to strengthen the families + friend ties. next month, the group is planning to do rafting in kiulu. hope we can make it! will post the picnic pictures later!

just for the record ^___^ below is my 1st long exposure picture & also my 1st attempt to take long exposure pic. never done this before & i think it's cool :) 

taken on 24-7-2011
me, so likey!! thanks to my niece, ms bethriz for lending me her tripod ^___^



  1. wah ok tu! nampak movement air. kalau sa memang masi fail pasal long movement ni sebab sa selalu tia pandai set kasi slow shutter :)

  2. chegu: thanks kio. ini pun sebab ada my niece bg tunjuk ajar & kasi pinjam tripod. if not, mana sa dapat ambik gmbr begini ni..mcm siok pula tau ambi gmbr mcm ni...hehe...

  3. This is a very good start. Kalau shoot waktu sunset mesti tambah mengancam!

  4. floyd, kana shoot time sunset la teda pakai ND filter ni (eh, butul kaini ah? hehe) main antam ja ambik. baru belajar2 baini :)

  5. mell, thanks! 1st try ni :)