Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 24 ~ Meaning Behind your Blog Name

how do i explain this?
hmm...ok, i got the idea to name my blog from my handphone ^____^ almost everyday i will get messages (sms) from my friends and to read the sms i need to check the inbox. nah, dari sana la sia pikir ini 'inbox' can be my blog title. sia kasi tambah lagi 'my diary, my life, my memories, my all", cukup rasa suda..hence, i have to open my blog everyday to receive and send messages to all my blogger friends :) ceh..message konon..hehe! and that's the story on how i came up with the inbox blog name. simple eh?

~ldyann is combination of my hubby plus my name~ cheers!


  1. stella : ya bah. sa bepikir juga apa mo kasi title blog sa dulu. last2 handphone ba jadi rujukan.. haha!