Tuesday, July 05, 2011

blast weekend!

i have a blast weekend! makan2 on saturday & enjoying the victory of our team in the bowling tournament on sunday at cps bowl, centre point..punya lama i didn't go play bowling..hehe..nasib ada jg org yg berbakat in my team. nda sia-sia i select them :)

jerry & elice
on saturday the 2nd of july, me, hubby & my nephew; edek went to my hubby cousin's wedding at kg. sabandil, papar. before we go there, we stopped by kk specialist to send new magazines for my bestie (bosan dia bilang di sana). she was permitted to go home that afternoon but her baby cannot go home yet. the doctor still need to look at baby's full result on the blood test. as told by my bestie, the doctor had found out there is fungus infection in the baby's blood. but thank god, the baby's blood result is ok & baby already been discharged from the clinic today (4th of july). and at about 12.30pm we make a move to papar. on the way to papar, my nephew falls asleep at the back passenger seat. we reached kg. sabandil at 1.30pm. nasib baik my nephew nda bad mood time bangun dari tidur. after a while sampai, me tanpa segan silu terus pi ambi makanan. i am so hungry that time ba ;p (belum lg pi salam pengantin tu...coz pengantin tengah tukar baju..hehe). i'm sharing with my edek. have to go 2nd round coz not enough for us ba (alasan..padahal dia yg mau makan...hehe). we have to go back home early since my nephew keep nagging me to go back home. biasa la klu budak2 teda kawan, mimang bawa balik awal. cuba klu dia ada kawan sana tu, mimang gerenti nda membawa balik..ok, here's a few pictures i took during the wedding day. congrats to jerry (hubby's cousin) & his wife elice!

my little super manja nephew :)
the blue wedding cake
the sedap foods! two thumbs up!
to officiate the wedding, tu emcee bilang ari tu ^_^
ok, that's saturday story!

next, our company sport club activity! as mentioned before, our team is the champion for the bowling tournament! gabungan rentacar & motor..hihihi...originally there's 7 confirmed team to play that day. however, only 6 teams competed that day.. oh well, those who don't showed up, poor them. we had FUN that day! our team manage to beat the 2nd placed team only by 4 marks...hah! mesti dorang geram coz dorang yg paling bersemangat main that day. kami rasa pun macam balik2 ja dorang dpt strike ni..tp memang kami suda dpt agak la, memang gerenti dpt nombor punya. but we don't expect to be the champion la pulak....hehehe....anyway, the fun-ness gathering for the staff is all matters. not the victory bah..it's really push away all the stress-ness, grumpy-ness, tension-ness & etc..ba, enjoy the pics below ya!

before the tournament end, ambik aura dulu :)
team fantasy balls - 2nd place
team victorius secret - 3rd place *ignore the lady in blue*
Ten Pin Mania team
Red Hot Oompa-Loompas team
Endzone Maniacs team
girls power! we survived the 1st round without mr. dent :)
the no 1 hamper belong to our team...hehehe...
next activity for our sport club will be the futsal game. hope all the staff can participate this time! ba, that's all for now peeps..gud nite & take care y'all!

sekian dan terima kasih ^_^


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