Monday, September 22, 2014

Quality Time

Last Saturday we went to Tg. Aru (first beach) after buying a new ticket for hubby's niece at Terminal 2 (which she supposed to fly at 1.35pm on that day). She thought she will be flying on 21 Sept (Sunday) jadi terpaksa la membeli tiket baru. Memang we plan to go to the beach after everything was settled at the airport.

At around 4.15pm we arrived at the beach and off we go to find the perfect place to sit and relax. Ala, just in front the beach ja ba ^___^

My baby Jaden was so eager to mandi laut (or was his dad yang macam nda sabar kasi terjun dia di laut..hehehe). Me and Thia just sit down and enjoy the view. Breathtaking view? Not really, macam biasa jak. But looking at how the others spend their times together makes the scenery totally enjoyable to look at ;)  Cuci mata orang bilang. 

What me & Thia doing while the boys were having their 'dad & son time'?? SELFIE la apalagi. We are so cute together (ok sila muntah darah ya..hihi). 
Okay, cuteness overloaded here! I can't get enough of her :) It was her first outing to Tg. Aru and many more to come. I can't wait to see both of them playing together on the beach, buat sand castle, lari lari, mandi manda di laut....
See............! punya siok si Jaden mandi laut... Kesiokan sampai muntah coz balik balik terminum air laut. And the result, he got really bad stomach ache later after that ;( Kesian my boy..

At about 5pm we're heading home. So no amazing sunset view for this time. We stopped by Sunny Supermarket to shop for groceries (one of my fav place to shop for groceries) and its raining while we're in it. We reached home at about 630pm and thank God the rain has subsides.

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