Friday, September 12, 2014

moving to the new office


*** sigh ***

yesterday, we already sent half of our files to the new office. and few cabinets already been transferred there on wednesday. and today all the computers, chairs and desks will be moved together with the other half of the files. the server pun ikut pindah. jadi i'll be blog-less this few days (benci la...hihi).


so penat oh yesterday. 

sambung lagi today @_@

only one man colleague in our finance dept (our team). so, us ladies has to be the strong woman yesterday. angkat files to first floor lagi tu.. apa nda penat...huh!

why ah, asal finance or account dept ja mesti di dominasi oleh pekerja wanita?? pffftttt....


  1. Ofis sy ada 2 guy & 4 ladies bhgn finance.. hehehe

    1. hehe..memang perempuan majoriti ba klu finance dept :)

  2. Sebab wanita lagi pintar kira duit hahaha