Thursday, December 13, 2012

on 12.12.12

hi all!

yesterday i've attended my colleague's sister wedding at kg. serusup tuaran. it was my first time masuk kg. serusup :) i've been around there before following my ex-boyfriend (a.ka the hubby) went for fishing and cari umpan udang hidup. but never went inside the kg. serusup. hehe.
actually the event began with akad nikah at 12pm (special eh!) i didn't attend it coz i'm working and only attended the majlis sanding in the evening from 7pm onwards. according to my colleague (ms seenna), her sister will be having 3 wedding attires for her sanding.
i brought my jaden with me to the wedding reception and boy! the massive jammed at tuaran bypass almost pissed me off makes me do a u-turn and go back home. nasib baik ada si jaden bikin kasi lembut tu hati :) sempat lagi he pooped inside the car. just imagine we've been stucked in the jammed about 1 hour.. all the way from kalansanan to tebobon traffic light which in normal day only 10-15 mins drive..huh! when asked my other colleague, she said it's normal there due to the road/ drainage maintenance at tebobon area. hehe...rupanya!
so, we used sulaman highway instead. baru la cool itu perasaan. tapi hati berdebar2 juga takut sesat..... gelap lagi -__- but i just knew that my hubby memang biasa juga the place because it's their 'fishing port' ;). anyway, we managed to find the sulaman lake resort where the wedding being held. thank god!
we arrived there around 10pm which i think it's too late already but we're just in time to see the couples changed to 2nd wedding attire. too bad we missed the 1st traditional wedding costumes - bajau wedding costumes which i think is so colourful. same goes to the pelamin, so rich in colour which is very unique and very traditional ^__^ 
so here's the gorgeous pelamin pictures that i sempat snapped with my :)

this is the bajau traditional pelamin. colourful, right?

and this more on modern concept. very elegant oh!

ini pula tempat makan pengantin..hehe..
ala cuma nampak sipi-sipi saja the wedding cake. it's pink in colour and saya perasan the cake macam wedding cake saya dulu-dulu :)

at about 11pm, we went home. jaden pun ngantuk suda. nasib la budak sa ni nda meragam sepanjang 1 jam berada di tempat ini. thank you my little daling!! before going home we sempat bergambar with the newly bride. congrats to both of you ~ mimie & razee ~ semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu! 

p/s: hati-hati memandu di jalan sulaman especially waktu malam. banyak lembu bersiar-siar di waktu malam..hihi

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  1. I've always wanted to attend a traditional Bajau wedding. No chance so far.