Thursday, December 27, 2012

jaden : 6 months old

yay! my baby turns 6 months old today. it's time to feed him with his first solid food. i can't wait to give him solid food. hope everything's gonna be okay! i hope he didn't get constipation eating solid food.

update : my hubby took leave today just to witness our boy ate his first solid food. very excited moment! we gave him mashed porridge mixed with carrot. and boy, he's enjoying his first solid food. when given to him in the morning, he's like tasting the new food introduced to him. not much been eaten by him. however came late afternoon, he's so eager to eat the mashed porridge. lambat sikit suap, menangis suda dia...hihi..  

momom time!

nah, feeding time in the morning. masi kebaru-baruan lagi si baby. he like to bite the spoon also. kiut ni...

my baby had measles last week. he got high fever when before he got the measle. i thought it was 'chicken pox'.

i was so weak during his time kena demam campak. i myself was having a bad headache and high fever! my spine also effected and i cannot tunduk, my head were spinning like crazy. that weak week was also my last week in the former office. i have no mood at all. my body was in the office but my soul was at the house with jaden...poor jaden during that weak week of mine sampai nda kena layan ba hubby yang layan dia. 

he can hold the bottle already. yay to that! but mummy still need to monitor when he's feeding time. takut nanti lari 'alignment' :) see the picture above? it's his favorite feet pose. tengo tv, breastfeeding and bersantai mesti ada itu pose.

hi all. i still can wear my first baby attire. hihi. and i loved to roll over again and again while 'singing' my fav song, 'apppa appaa, amama ammama, nnen nnen....haaii..' my original songs kaka.. itu la kegemaran dia sekarang. oh ya, tidak dilupakan, he's our alarm clock :) yang ada bunyi2 lagi you...

when he's relaxing, he'll do like this. he's watching his favourite song right now ' charlie and the number song' from baby tv. i think i want to subscribe that channel la..when he's watching his fav video clips, i can gunting his kuku peacefully. and i like that.

it's 5 days until the new year! have you any plan during the new year? me, so far i don't have any plan to celebrate new year. wah, this year will be our first time celebrating new year with jaden, my baby boy. oooh i like...... can't wait to see the new year fireworks!

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