Sunday, December 23, 2012

farewell pictures!


credit to it dept for these photos! i likey….. farewell on 15.12.2012 ^__^


thanks to the staffs of ahsb for making a farewell party for us which will be leaving the company soon (now, i’m officially an ex-ahsb) and for the trainees that has ended their training . but it was a little weird farewell. hehe. not that weird la but we have breakfast farewell (kamu pernah?). see my point here? nevermind….. thanks so much for the breakfast which we finance dept only ate it during lunch since we already had our breakfast earlier. yeah, we thought the farewell was during lunch.

and below farewell was organized by finance dept on 20.12.2012 (nice eh the date?) as well as christmas exchanged gift (annual event). thank you boss and my dear colleagues for the farewell lunch treat. the food was yummy but i’m not feeling very well that day, no mood to eat a lot :(


oh, this was my team. i wish all the best to them! gonna miss this desk – the memories will be stored forever in the inbox :)


 our lunch for the day! yummilicious!!


menunggu saat untuk menjamu selera.


see i got the smallest gift. and it’s from the boss. last year office exchanged gifts i also got from the boss *__*


last but not least, my last group photo with my now ex-colleague. but we will definitely keep in touch (fb kan ada…). thank you guys for the friendship that we’ve shared together. i will cherished all the moments that we have spent together. and to the lady boss, thank you for the guidance, i have learnt a lot from you. and thanks for the other gift.

oh ya, i wanna thanks ms lilyron for all the pictures above.

til we meet again. “sayonaro oh….. sayonara oh…..”

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