Friday, October 22, 2010

No Public Phone

i go to 1B office this morning following my sis-in-law car. actually, i have 'wrap-up session' with the VCM team at the Volvo Gallery 1B regarding the DMS. eventho, i will be outta here in 1 month time, i have to follow the Audit Meeting since yesterday. on the way to 1B, i found out that my phone had been barred because i haven't pay my bills. gosh!! i realised that when i wanna call my colleague (sumandak ruzie) to go breaksfast together when i reach 1B. hmm....

when arriving at 1B, i try to find public phone at the largest shopping mall in sabah. so, i asked the lady cleaner at the ground floor is there any public phone at the mall. she said "teda o publik fon sini. basar2 ni 1b 1 biji publik pon pun teda. bagus lg center point. banyak publik pon dia". i just smile at the statement. dalam hati sa "talampau jg la teda publik pon di sini". with that, i made my way to the nearest atm machine to withdraws some money. tapi sa nda jadi kasi kuar duit coz from afar i can see ruzie's car at the parking lot (tajam jg ba mata sa..hehe). i quickly go towards the car park to meet her. after that, we went to have our breakfast together. sharing stories & few gossips (ini harus).

that's my story for today. and for reminder : make sure ur phone not barred or have more credits when going to 1b... hehehehe...



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