Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time flies so fast!

hey hey hey! i'm so happy! my baby Edek had been at home since monday...tapi kan he don't want to go to school to force child like this aa? keras kepala betul ba....need some pujukan baru dia mau pigi skolah ni....nanti la pikir pasal tu pujukan...

on another note.....
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i'm done with my current job. well, i did hand in my resignation letter at last week (Oct 7, 2010)! what a relief ^_^ been wanting to do that since early of the year. now that i have the chance to spread my wings (aiseymen), i will work harder + super fast learner :-). i don't think the work challenge in the new company will be bed of roses...but it all depends on how fast we can adapt to the work more thing, the business line for the new company is completely different from my current company ...hahaha...anyway, hope everything will be orait!!

in my two-years (Oct 16 will be the date i exactly joined this company) stint at the current company, i have learned & experienced a lots....i will be missing my crazie colleagues. not so crazie but enough for me to remember them. got clicked with few of them & vice versa..huh! most of my colleague is a junior staffs. all the 'star' has left..including me! aaahh..enuff is enuff! goodbye & all the best - is all that i can say..actually my boss want to negotiate with me but i don't have the heart to work here already..sorry boss! THANK YOU boss for everything...i'm outta here....!!!

pic courtesy goggle

hahaha! wish i can do like that to relief stress...

bah, will do another entry later when i have mood...hehe..selalunya time di opis yang pandai datang mood mau update blog ba....adeii...til then, chiao!

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