Thursday, November 04, 2010

From Tuaran To Tambunan

a lil' bit about my baby nephew

he just learn how to ride a bicycle! he's almost 5 years old, baru mau pandai main basikal. can u imagine that? itupun basikal 3 roda.. hehe.. anyway, i did promise him to buy a brand new bicycle on his birthday which fall in on the 18th of this month.. **sigh** (tengah bulan lg tu...adoi... pokai!)  ba, enuff about my lil' nephew. let's begin my story from Tuaran to Tambunan **to think about that trip makes me feel tired** ^_^

23 Oct 2010
early morning my baby nephew wakes me up! i'm super sleepy....he asked me to accompany him to the toilet..desshh! punya malas sa layan tu budak....nasib sa baik hati..after that, went back to sleep again. can't continue sleep @_@ today i supposed to go to taekwando training but i'm so malas ^_^. end up stay at home for the whole day. late afternoon my fiance asked me whether i want to follow him to go fishing at serusup, tuaran. have to stay overnite at the island :-) wow! sounds great. i want to go *excited* furthermore my girlfriend also going with her hubby. at about 4.30pm, we went to fetch my fiance's niece's hubby (kaki pancing!). after that, we continue our journey to tuaran. we bought medium size udang for our umpan and waiting for my girlfriend & hubby at muara serusup. thank god for the beautiful weather (nasib nda ujan)! as the sun is setting, the juruagan sent us by boat to a secluded island as our 'port' for fishing. the first thing we did is setting up the fire!

fire on the sand

our tent

me &  my girlfriend, Kuan chatting all the way while the guys is busy with fishing. i'm wonderign how on earth they can fish in the dark? but of course la they got the head torchlight to assist them pasang the umpan *_*. fishing until morning. no sleep at all! tahan tukul betul dorang ni. begitu la tu kalau suda hobi karas! enjoy the pics taken during the trips...........

busy mode!

hasil tangkapan!

serusup morning view ~ marvellous!
i have slept early outside the tent (about 10.30pm). i'm so sleepy sampai my friend~Kuan said it's so freezing out there. i don't feel it ^_^. some time about 3am she woke me up because she can't sleep (sejuk dia bilang) & so we go inside the tent to sleep. me sleep soundly til early morning! punya siok!! hehe..awal lagi we all packed up our things coz the juruagan will fetch us at 6am. it's time to go home sweet home! 


24 Oct 2010
we headed home as soon as sampai daratan. kepanatan mode is on! since my fiance awake all night, i have to be the driver..mesti la ba kan. orang yg cukup tidur harus bekerja...hehe..i drive 'too fast too furios' so we can reach home before 8am because we have to go tambunan this morning *pengsan*. sampai rumah, take my bath, tidur kejap then jam 9am lebih2 we jalan to tambunan. this time we bring Nel (fiance's nephew) with us. we had our breakfast & 10am sharp we begin our journey to tambunan. the reason why i have to go tambunan ~ to be a driver! me, never ever drive to tambunan! thinking about the kk-tambunan road makes me nervous! yay! this is my first time driving to tambunan..require more driving skills ooo..with all the big big heavy vehicles on the road, 'swinging' & slippery road! really makes me sweat...but deep in my heart saying 'bila lagi mau try jalan tambunan?' so, dengan relanya sa menjadi driver mereka since my fiance nda cukup tidur kan... i have set my time where i have to reach tambunan in one and an half hour.. the result: i manage to reach  tambunan in 1 1/2 hour ^_^  not the pekan tambunan la, asal sampai sinsuron kira tambunan la ba tu kan..hehehe,,...nasib la nda banyak heavy + big vehicles on the road.. yippee!!! singgah pekan tambunan before continue to nambayan. at about 2pm we arrived at fiance's sister house. actually, the real purpose we went to tambunan is to fix the lighting & fan problem at the sister house...anyway, it's so cool in nambayan..after all works done, we went home at about 7.30pm..this time my fiance was the driver ^_^. sempat lagi nampak landcruiser masuk parit di jalan moyong-tambunan. scary!!! we reached home almost 9pm & we are so damn tired!!!

that's the story for now...til next adventure ^_^

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