Friday, November 05, 2010

Deep sea fishing

today's holiday!! happy deepavali to those who celebrate it!!

anyway, from 5th to 7th November, my fiance is at the open the king fish...hehe...wakes up at 5am this morning (i'm still so sleepy) to sent him to kk port. fetch brenda before going to kk. reach kk port 15 minutes before six a.m. kasi turun barang2 pancingan terus sa pi cari parking at the road side (malas ba mo bayar parking bah). me & brenda jalan2 kijap p pasar kk & then it's time for us to say goodbye.. have a safe trip darling! i'm gonna miss u so much!! hope the weather is on your side *finger cross* bawa balik ikan basar2 ah.....

this evening i will attend my colleague's daughter wedding reception at kdca. so, looking forward for makan2 time ^_^ maybe i will bring my mom & sis brenda to accompany me since i'm fiance-less for 3 days..hehehe...

til then, can't wait for my cuti-cuti malaysia next week!! *to the cool place - completing one of my travel wish list* i like!!!

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