Thursday, November 04, 2010

A birthday wishes to my very Best Friend

my BFF
happy birthday (belated) my dear! i'm glad we're friends. how long it has been since we first met ah? ermm, i think we have known for a very good 22 years of our life..uiyoo.....punya lama..biasa la satu kampung kan..we have shared a lots of good moments together...not forgetting the sad moments.. tp nda banyak la yg sad punya memories..

this poem i dedicated especially for you! (if u happen to read this, selami bait2 puisi ini ya ^_^)

Thank You, Friend

Thank you, friend, for all the things

That mean so much to me--

For concern and understanding

You give abundantly.

Thanks for listening with your heart;

For cheering me when I'm blue;

For bringing out the best in me;

And just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation

That stimulates my brain;

For silly times we laugh out loud;

For things I can't explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;

For all the time you spend;

For all the kind things that you do,

Thank you; thank you, friend.

By Joanna Fuchs

til then ~ love our 'unsinkable ship'!!! muahhhh!!! 

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