Monday, April 13, 2015

healthy lifestyle

i wanna have a healthy lifestyle!!
lama suda i didn't do real exercise oh.

actually, jaga anak, do house chores pun kira exercise juga ba.
tapi not that really can shed away few kilograms.
last i checked (jan2015) my weight is around 63kg.
hmmm... now i don't dare to weigh myself.
i got comments from few friends, 'ada isi lagi ka?'
i'm not offended but that was a sign for me to take care of my body (i think).
there's no motivation to exercise at home coz most of the time jaga baby.
what about exercise before sleep u may say? nahh... 
i went to sleep with my little thia since she still breastfeeding kan.
baby sleep, i sleep also ^__^

so yesterday we went to stadium likas jogging track (oh how i miss to jog!).
i brought the whole family. me, hubby, jaden & thia 
(quality time with the kids!).
we manage to walk and finished 1 round of the jogging track.
with me holding my little thia and jaden was with his papa.
we walked side by side. it was a fun walk with jaden.
macam-macam perkataan keluar dari mulut dia. 
tapi itu tangan harus dipegang if not dia pandai melencong 
mau pigi terjun tasik.
oh ya, there's a new jogging track there 
(lama suda kali kana buat tapi i baru tau yesterday, poor me)
as usual the track was crowded with people of all ages.

i need to get back my ideal weight. if not pun kasi tone up my body.
especially bahagian perut. hehehe... 
but in the meantime, i have to eat proper meal juga..
ini lagi problem saya ni. saya kuat makan. huh!

maybe i can try this. jom sama-sama try test :)

p/s: ini malam harus timbang berat. 
need to have a journal of weight loss...hmmm... we'll see about that.



  1. I shud start this too.. hahahah... penyakit malas ni susah betul mau buang. Bila sdh bertambah berat baru mau start. Haihhh... Nyway, all the best to you!

    1. Thanks Just! betul juga la. penyakit malas mmg susah mo kikis. ba, all the best utk kita sama2 kasi kurang berat badan :)