Monday, April 06, 2015

hello april!

Happy Easter 2015!
i know it's late but i wanna wish juga ^__^ 
last week was the holy weekend for the Christians.
i got a new table calender! 
previous calender was so unattractive to look at. 
bikin teda mood mo tingu2 haribulan :)
terus teda mood mo kerja juga. bule ka begitu? ehehe
i am so in love with this picture.
my darling's design thru Photogrid Apps if i'm not mistaken.
not bad eh...

lately, Thia was so sensitive. 
kena marah sikit suda mau menangis.
if i am away to get something or hilang dari pandangan dia, 
misti dia menangis. way tooooo manja!

hmmm.. i need to jot down my babies development.
ok, till next post ya!

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