Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of 1st quarter of 2015

wow..time flies! so are you ready for gst? hehehe...soalan cepu emas di akhir suku pertama tahun 2015. nothing much happened during these times. oh, except for my health issue la. thank god that i don't need to do a major operation down there. but there are few risks to be taken care after the operation (which will be done in 21 days from today). i do hope that everything will be alright and may all the bad cells be removed from the cervix.

on the other hand, my hubby was sicked since last week. combo sickness = flu + sore throat + cough + sore muscles. my jaden is in the pink health (thank god!) however my thia got flu and her tapak kaki got blistered (+ air) from the garlic i put in her sock overnite. dengan harapan her flu go away. last time i did put double sock but last week i did not. i just kept the garlic in a tissue and put inside thia's sock at nite. dang!!! so mommies, do not this to your babies ya. makes sure you use two socks. one yang jenis berlubang and one yang biasa. she still got her flu but ada kurang sikit suda la flu dia after i used this petua. 

talking about thia, soon she will turned one and i haven't prepared anything for her birthdayparty (the theme, venue, foods & drinks). and since the gst is coming i guess we will celebrate her birthday in moderate ways. yang penting ikut bajet bah and maybe just invite close family and friends. we'll see ^__^

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