Saturday, September 03, 2016

Birthday boy & girl

Last May we had a simple birthday celebration for Thia at my mum's house. We just invited close friends and family for this gathering. 
~02 May 2016~
And for Jaden, he celebrated his 4th birthday at the kindergarten with his friends. We didn't do any celebration at home. Oh, I forgot! I did bake a cake for him and we brought it to his cousin's house and blow the candle there.
~ 28 June 2016 ~
~ 26 June 2016 ~
Thia turned 2 on 4th May 2016
Jaden turned 4 on 27th June 2016

May God Bless both my babies abundantly!

Mummy & Bapa loves you both so much.....


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    1. yang penting ada tiup lilin sama nyanyi hepi bofday to u..hahaha...