Wednesday, September 07, 2016

i don't want to miss a thing (part 3)

family outing is always the best. 
whether dekat or jauh. 
it is a bliss to see the kids happy faces whenever we go outing.
 Taman Buaya Tuaran ~May 2016~ 

I still remember during this outing I was not feeling very well
Coughing and flu bermaharajalela waktu itu.
Punya la not comfortable but demi tu anak anak, kugagahi juga.
 Attending hubby's cousin wedding at Tambunan on 4th June 2016.
We stayed one night at my sis-in-law house at Nambayan.
We continue our journey to Ranau the next day (from Tambunan).
And we sempat singgah Desa Dairy Farm but only at the entrance.
So many people at that time and kasian my son berabis menangis mau masuk dalam tengu lembu -____- 
(next time la kio.....)   
Desa Dairy Farm ~05 June 2016~
Bule tahan ini anak anak ikut road trip KK-Tambunan-Ranau-Tuaran-KK 
(first time experience for them).
Sempat juga singgah Tuaran to attend my friend; Mary's house warming.
Penat gila hari tu oh!
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park ~ June 2016~
It was our first time together watching the animals show in their Amphitheater at 11.15am show (there is another show at 3.30pm). 
Seronok bawa ni anak jalan jalan di zoo. 
But at the same time very tiring juga la. hehehe.

In future, 
I do hope that we will bring the kids go outing as often as we could.
Making memories!

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