Monday, March 04, 2013

from south korea with love

you've got mail! 

hehe..actually i got this postcard when my friend was holidaying in south korea (end of jan'13) and she posted in her fb about the postcard. so, saya dengan lajunya hantar message to her yang saya mau, siap bagi address..hehe..

oh my, south korea is one of my 'list of places to visit'. gonna wake up my 'partner-in-crime' because of this. talking about travelling, i should share with you my latest travelling story. tapi nda tau la bila saya ada masa ni..huhu..

* i don't know what's gonna happened next to sabah. i pray that the safety of  our people and the end of this pencerobohan by mereka2 itu *

please stay alert all the time and be careful ya..
god bless us! 


  1. Hi Jj. thanks for being my silent reader all this while and follow me. Following you too. :) Let's pray for Sabah!!

    1. u're welcome Just.. ya, let's pray!