Wednesday, March 27, 2013

9 months old

three months away to his first birthday.
*oh gosh! i haven't plan anything for his first birthday celebration*

in the meantime, here are few of jaden's milestones:-

** he can sit well without support 
** very mobile and very curious
** showing separation anxiety when leaving him with the babysitter (for a while jak..)
** his upper teeth start to appear - satu kali banyak tumbuh gigi dia. nasib dia nda demam2
** baby talks a lot!
** his sleeping pattern - sometimes awal tidur, sometimes lambat tidur. kadang-kadang pandai bangun awal pagi like 3am. terus membawa main ni...aduii...
** and he is super super manja to his mommy ^___^ 

today we went to clinic for his 9th month check up.
current weight : 8.86kg
current height : 75cm

ok lets see his pictures now. can see any difference from last month? hmmm..nothing much but mummy loves to post jaden's pic here..

dear jaden,
this is how u look upon entering your 9th months of age ;)
u are the apple of my eye.
mummy loves you so much!!
hugs & kisses,


  1. nasip owh nda demam2 sbb tumbuh gigi satu kali bnyk..

    1. itu la tu..nasib dia nda banyak meragam time tumbuh gigi dia ;)