Monday, April 01, 2013

hello april!

it's monday and it's april fool!
it is raining and i'm loving it! 
cool weather. maybe it's a sign that raining season is coming to town.

hmmm...april is the month of my wedding annivesary..end of april actually. 
two years ago, it was raining the day i married my best friend and my soulmate. 
i was so worried that the rain will ruined my wedding party. however, it turned out to be the happiest day in my life despite the rainy day during the reception. 

rain rain go away!
that's my ex-colleagues. the one on the left has left us last year (oct 2011) because of lung cancer. she was a good friend of mine. rest in peace my dear friend.

some of the crowd. i'm happy to see them coming to my reception even though it's raining!
my handsome flower boy :)     

candid time with my darling!

my darling; singing his heart out loud

love this part. surrounded by friends and family members
on another note, ooooo..i'm so jealous that my bff will be traveling end of this month.
but i already remind her to get souvenirs for me..oh fridge magnets ;)

my bff *hugs**
oh's raining cats and dogs now..
it's time to go back home and meet my sweet baby...
mummy miss you so much!