Tuesday, June 30, 2015

earth quake effect

another natural disaster after the earth quake.
continuous rain caused landslide and mud flood.
area badly hit was at mesilau kundasang.
most of the villagers had been move to safer place.
the liwagu river also blocked with timber and crippled the kimolohing water treatment causing the supply of clean water disrupted to ranau.

since the disruption of clean water supply, so many generous people were sending boxes of mineral water to ranau to help them to get clean water supply. the water treatment plant need to be cleaning expectedly for three days. some donated food, clothes, etc to those families temporarily sheltered.

below pictures were shared thru watsapp and it is scary to look at the pictures. belum lagi tengo yang betul-betul depan mata. scary!! 

p/s: semalam hujan lebat. bikin takut. strong wind somemore. huh!

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