Sunday, July 04, 2010

Still awake!

Good morning peeps! It's 0421 hours now. I'm watching the match between Spain & Paraguay. What a game!

I just want to let out this feeling of mine here. This few days have not been so good days for me. I have problem with my works. Hmm..maybe it's my attitude. I don't take it seriously or is it the multi-tasking thingy that don't ring a bell in my head. Maybe I better check on myself & see what can I do to change the situation at the workplace. Sometimes I blame my superior. And I think that's normal. When the sky is bright, the office will be a happy place to be. However, when the darker cloud tend to cover the sun, will find the place the other way around. One will see sour face (tingu mata saja pun mcm mo makan org), higher voice raised (ini suda biasa la dingar) and the list goes on......... I know u all know how is it the drama in the office could be (bagi yg da bekerja la) :p Anyway, life must goes on isn't it?

Well, forget about my sad story above. Nah, I want to tell story about my lil' anak buah! Lots of my friends think that my anak buah is a girl! Even there's relative think like that. From this face maybe a lil bit like a girl la. But in reality the anak buah is a boy.. Hehehe...I will post more about him in my next post. I love being around my lil nephew. His manja name is Edek!

Ok lah, it's 0453 hours already. Time to make a move to my bed now. My back's hurt. Been FBing & bloghopping since. ......... errr this evening * pengsan *

See u when i c u! This is me signing off for today! Chiao!!

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