Sunday, September 16, 2012

1 more week to go...

VACATION!!! but without my baby & darling hubby :(
i have mixed feeling for this vacation. but, i don't want to think much about leaving both darling at home.
i know my mum will take good care of my two and a half months baby Jaden :) lagipun memang my mum yang babysit him now. and i know my hubby can handle si Jaden but maybe dia ada kurang sabar sikit la..hehe

however, my biggest problem is i still breastfeed my Jaden. and for sure, i will have problem with the breast engorgement. macam mana la mo handle tu? takan sa mo bawa breast pump along the travelling days..?? hmm.. but if i don't pump i'll definitely have sore breast and that will affect my holiday mood.. mana best jalan-jalan time sakit kan? huh....and i need to stock my milk for 6 days while on holidays...i hope my baby will not forget his 'kocop-kocop'/my breast...hehehe...and i still can breastfeed after the holidays...

this time around, i will be travelling with my two best girlfriends. destination?? will be revealed later..hehehe.. this trip is to test our travelling compatibility before we go to europe tapi ini projek lama lagi la akan dilaksanakan....miahahaha!  for the meantime we will go somewhere in south east asia region that we all have never been before.oh well, i have visited philippines & indonesia long-long time ago....(iklan dulu sebentar) ^_____^

can u guess where will be our next destination?? 

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