Saturday, October 27, 2012

new addittion!

she was born on 19 Sept 2012, weighted 2.4kg.
my first niece & first granddaughter for my parents.
we were blessed!
she was so adorable and very tiny lil' baby girl.
her name JAEZIELLE AIRA ^____^
(jaezielle is pronounce as 'giselle')

ai ai eyelashes are so adorable. she's 1 month 2 days when this pic is taken. 

there goes my parents with their grandchildren.
the picture were taken during my brother's birthday early september.
cute eh!!
the grandsons :)
i love this picture to the max! my mum with lil' dastan,
my dad with my jaden and lil' JD and the big brother, Edek.
this year my parents got 3 grandchilds - Dragon grandchilds.. hehehe..
looking forward for the dragon childs pictures together :))

**forgot to update**

my jaden turns 4 months old today!
at 4 months his current obsession as mention before is sucking his fingers.
and few days ago he had his first rolled over.

jaden's first rolled over!! 

oh my baby!! love you so much jaden...

with love,

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