Thursday, December 11, 2014


yeah, last sunday we go jalan-jalan. Jaden was so excited kalau ada mau jalan-jalan. he won't take a nap if he knows we gonna go jalan later. malar mau bawa jalan saja.

after breakfast, we bersiap sedia to go jalan. the plan was to go to tg.aru kasi tengok Jaden the aeroplanes landing and take-off :) and then go grocery shopping at sunny supermarket. after that, we will go directly to my colleague's wedding at luyang. 

and off we go to tg. aru famous stop for watching the plane landing/take off. we stayed for few minutes but no sight of plane, so we jalan to the beach. and we just limpas there. kesian Jaden macam mau pigi jalan2 pula at the beach. next time kio son. mommy promise. and we go back to the previous place. luckily, there's a plane just in time for landing and one plane is taking place to take off. nice! 

we don't stay lama there coz Jaden mula mau lari-lari. so we go grocery shopping. pun ASAP punya shopping. haha. in my opinion , bagus juga bawa budak time shopping since we don't have much time to look look and see see apa barang lagi mau beli. kalau stay lama-lama, anak pandai meragam. so it's good to list down what you really need to buy and then grab the things, pay and 'chow'. ahahaha..ya that's happen to us last sunday. 

the kereta is penuh with barang2 and since there's a lot of time before the wedding reception we decided to go back home first hantar tu barang-barang. ingatkan mau bawa my little Thia to the reception tapi cuaca macam mau hujan jadi dia kana kasi tinggal at her grandma house. 

the wedding day was okay, not too hot not rainy day also. the FOOD was marvellous sedap and the manisan tradisional bugis are sedap sehingga menjilat jari. kena makan manisan dahulu baru boleh makan nasi. first time oh sa attend wedding bangsa bugis ni. i still terbayang-bayang ba lauk pauk time wedding officemate sa ni..hehehe!

okay, habis cerita yang hari minggu.

yang ni gambar throwback! time ni Jaden baru mo belajar jalan.

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