Monday, August 10, 2015

be positive

a lot had happened lately...

one of it was my father had been admitted to hospital yesterday.
itu pun after my aunties melawat my dad. dorang terkejut seeing my dad's condition. he's been trying consume traditional herbs but since minum/consume that herbs, he can't walk apa lagi mau bercakap. it has to be taken for one month tho. hmmm... i should just let him go to hospital earlier (it has been 10days since he's been consuming the herbs).

and now he's at the QEH 2 hospital and been warded since yesterday afternoon. and thank GOD he's slowly recovered. he can talk, lifted his hand and bule pigang handphone suda.

actually this thing bule dielakkan lebih awal ba but my mum keep being positive that's why we didn't bring him to the hospital. but anyway, i thanked my aunties because suruh kami hantar my dad to hospital (ASAP!).

and i do hope my dad will recover soon. amen.
i love u, dad!

p/s: biasa la kalau orang tua ni ada saja yang mau di try. but kalau yang sampai memudaratkan diri bagus nda payah try.


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